11th Chemistry : JEE/NEET

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Course Curriculum

  • For JEE Students
  • For NEET Students
  • Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
  • Structure of Atom
  • Periodic classification of elements and periodicity
    • Prediction of block, group and period of an element.
      21 min
    • Ionisation energy/Ionisation potential
      12 min
    • Electron gain enthalpy and electron affinity
      20 min
  • Chemical bonding and molecular structures.
  • States of Matter

11th Chemistry : JEE/NEET

JEE/NEET Class 05: Practice on Concentration terms

This is video of section-E of JEE/NEET. In this video, we will discuss the JEE/NEET level practice questions on concentration terms.

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