11th Physics : JEE/NEET

Course Curriculum

  • Units, Dimensions and Measurements
  • Motion In A Straight Line
    • Distance and Displacement
      25 min
    • Important Concepts for Problem Solving of Kinematics Equation
      27 min
    • Problems based on Non Uniform Acceleration (Part I)
      30 min
    • Problems based on Non Uniform Acceleration (Part II)
      27 min
  • Motion in a Plane
  • Laws of Motion
  • Circular Motion

11th Physics : JEE/NEET

Measuring Instrument (Screw Gauge)

In this video, we will understand how to use screw gauge (micro meter). We will see how to find pitch, least count and zero error. We will also questions based on screw gauge which are important from JEE NEET point of view.

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