12th Physics : JEE/NEET

Course Curriculum

  • Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter
  • Atoms
  • Nucleus
  • Electric Charges & Fields
    • Coulomb’s Law
      22 min
    • Important Concepts for Electric Force Problem Solving
      22 min
    • Introduction to Electric Field
      18 min
    • Important Concepts for Problem Solving of Electric Field
      16 min
    • Concept of Electric Flux & Gauss Law
      39 min
    • Analogy between Gravitation & Electrostatics
      19 min
  • Electric Potential & Capacitance
    • Work done
      18 min
    • Capacitance with Multiple Dielectrics
      34 min
    • Connecting two Capacitors
      23 min
    • Change in Parameters on Inserting a Dielectric
      17 min
    • Transient State Analysis
      49 min
  • Current Electricity
  • Moving Charges & Magnetism
  • Magnetism & Matter

12th Physics : JEE/NEET

Capacitance with Multiple Dielectrics

In this video, we will see how capacitance changes on introduction of multiple dielectrics. We shall see four special cases of multiple dielectrics (a) Multiple dielectrics with cross section area equal to that of capacitor (b) Multiple dielectrics with thickness equal to width of capacitor (c) Multiple dielectrics with different cross sectional area and thickness (d) Conductor of some thickness and same cross sectional area as that of capacitor.

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